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Roger Sessions

Discernment Facilitation


Are you struggling with childhood beliefs that are longer relevant? Do you feel God drawing you to a new path but perplexed about what that path looks like? Are you struggling with some major decision that seems impossible to bring to a conclusion? 
Perhaps I can help. I am commissioned as a Spiritual Director by the Episcopal Church, Texas Diocese and a graduate of their three year FinD program in Spiritual Directing. I am also a Benedictine Oblate affiliated with the World Community for Christian Meditation. 


There are many tools that can help clarify your call: meditation, spiritual exercises, and spiritual dream analysis. And there is another tool that is one of my areas of focus: Prayers of Discernment. 

Prayers of Discernment are prayers in which we directly ask God’s guidance about situations that are charged with emotion and veiled in confusion. We use ancient tools such as the I Ching to receive God’s wisdom. 

Carl Jung was an early advocate for the use of the I Ching in psychoanalysis and I have found it equally useful for Christian discernment. I have written a book on the subject (Wisdom’s Way; The Christian I Ching) and offer workshops for Spiritual Directors, Clergy, and lay people. 

Perhaps God has something to say to you through this remarkable medium.

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