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Before accessing the online guide to Austin Spiritual Directors, you must read and fully accept the following Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement:

The information in this directory is supplied solely by the providers themselves and is not checked or warranted by the Austin Area Spiritual Directors Community (AASDC). Spiritual directors who join ASDC pay specified annual membership dues. They are listed in this guide as part of their membership benefits. Any and all spiritual directors who request to be listed, if they either join AASDC or pay a listing fee, are included. As a general rule, no one is excluded. AASDC does not provide training, certification, or credentials for spiritual directors. ASDC does not pre-screen or evaluate spiritual directors in any way before they are put on the list. ASDC DOES NOT RECOMMEND OR ENDORSE ANY OF THE LISTED SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS. By accessing and using this list, I accept responsibility for interviewing and selecting a suitable spiritual director. By accessing this list of resources, I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT ASDC IS IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTS, OMISSIONS, OR SERVICES OF ANY OF THE
INFORMATION FURNISHED BY AASDC. By accessing this list, I understand and agree to only use the information for finding a spiritual director. I agree not to use the list for any other type of solicitation. I also understand and agree not to reproduce, display, or distribute the Guide or the information listed therein.

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