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Liz Stewart 

United Methodist/Interfaith
Liz Mann Stewart (on Facebook)




Completed Shalem Institute’s Spiritual Guidance Program in 2013.  Served as board chair for Interfaith Action of Central Texas (iACT) and board of Seton Cove.  Currently serving on Staff-Parish Relations Committee at Saint John’s UMC.  Attended Walk to Emmaus in 1997 and participated in six teams following.  MBA and BA in Government from University of Texas/Austin.  Co-founder of SUSTO MEZCAL.


Spiritual direction is soul-centered and encourages freely surrendering our whole being to God.  It relies on God and opens us to mystery and new ways of being.  In spiritual direction we reflect on why we exist and how to best spend our lives.  We focus on intimacy with God, our prayer life, and our life experiences.  Spiritual direction assumes God creates us whole and graced attention to Spirit will bring healing, reconciliation, awareness, and fullness.  In spiritual direction we look for invitations; and consider sufferings “graced potentials.”


Spiritual direction teaches us to trust alternative ways of knowing self, others and our world.  With spiritual direction we hope to attend to and receive Spirit and truth; and thus become of greater service to the world.  We grow to be more present, willing, free, purpose-filled, peaceful, compassionate, humble, vulnerable, and loving.  

With guidance, we are not striving for “normal”; rather, we seek transformation.  We hope to connect with Spirit and the universal, eternal One.   Spiritual companions are called to care for souls by listening, trusting, receiving, and discerning.




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