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Austin Area Spiritual Directors Community

Austin Area

Spiritual Directors Community

Welcomes You

Our community gathers together regularly to offer ongoing
educational opportunities and support to one another.
Our meetings are held in person at St. Catherine of Siena's Parish Hall, rooms 231 & 232 and via Zoom at 12:00CT every other month. See schedule below for location.

Our Next Meeting

Friday, October 20, 2023 - Sharon Lowe

"Poetry for Wellness"


Optional Social Time from 1:30-2:00

What is Spiritual Direction? 

Spiritual Direction is a contemplative practice that nurtures compassion 

by accompanying others on their spiritual journey.




For additional

information about the

Austin Spiritual Directors  Community


please see our

contact page.

The search – for self, for wisdom, for truth,

for justice, for God-

is strenuous and unending.

​We need good companions in order to persevere in it. 

In good company in a community of conviction, the quest never loses its relevance, its urgency,

or its savor. 

​  Kaye Ashe, OP



2024 Schedule: Austin Area Spiritual Directors Community

We continue to alternate meeting in person and online.

In person meetings are on Mondays at St. Catherine of Siena.

Online Zoom meetings are on Fridays.





Monday, Jan 15

St. Catherine

Panel: How does your own spiritual formation affect how you do direction?

Friday, Feb 16



Monday, Mar 18

St. Catherine


Friday, Apr 19



Monday, May 20

St. Catherine


June, July


No meetings

Friday, Aug 16



Monday, Sept 16

St. Catherine


Friday, Oct. 18



Friday, Nov 17





No meeting

Our Community Retreat
in October has been canceled- we are meeting via Zoom
October 20, 2023.



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