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Anne Province

 Spiritual director, teacher, facilitator




Anne Province is a spiritual director in Austin, Texas. A graduate of the Seminary of the Southwest and Shalem Institute's Spiritual Guidance program, Anne leads workshops and retreats for congregations and denominational gatherings.  She teaches in the Formation in Direction (FinD) program for the Episcopal diocese of Texas and as adjunct faculty at St. Edward’s University.


A spiritual director is a companion or soul friend for another as that person opens to grace and grows in awareness of the presence of the Holy. The focus is on experience, not ideas, and specifically on an experience of the mysterious Other whom we call God. 


A spiritual director does not make decisions or tell people what to do but helps them (in the words of Thomas Merton) "to recognize and to follow the inspirations of grace" in their lives. In a way, the title of spiritual director is a misnomer. The true director is the Holy Spirit.

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